Kvě 27 - 31 2024

15. XJR EUROFEST 2024 (27. – 31. 5. 2024)

Ostrožská Nová Ves, Czech Republic

Meeting motto:    If you can´t, hit the gas!


Dear XJR owners and friends,

It’s here again, the legendary XJR EUROFEST after 7 endless years is organized by the XJR crew from the Czech Republic, led by the proven organizing duo Mrožík & Bezďa ))

We chose the location in Moravia again for several reasons:

1) We’re close

2) It’s nice here

3) There are good people here

4) And you’ve all been to Prague anyway …

Village Ostrožská Nová Ves is located in the heart of the Moravian region, and as many of you already know, it is a region of wine. Everywhere they have these special underground bunkers, which they call wine cellars. An ordinary owner of a cellar devotes himself all winter to the production of quality wine, and then from the spring he waits masked (or drunk) in the cellar and waits for someone to pass by. As soon as someone shows up, he runs out, grabs him by the hand and drags him into the cellar. There is no point in resisting.  The release will take place in the morning, when the “customer” has purchased at least 3 per mille of alcohol in his veins. And that’s exactly where we invite you to get to know our famous Moravian hospitality :))


The event will again be combined, we will organize 2 meetings at once and, we will start on Friday 24 May 2024 with the Czech Spring Meeting and from Monday 27 May 2024 we will continue smoothly with the international XJR EUROFEST. Of course, if anyone from the world wants to come to the Czech meeting, they will be welcome.

And what program awaits you? The main event this time will not be the circuit, but the airport. We have booked one day at a small local airport, where we will measure how our machines accelerate and, we will compete in the riding skills. In addition, it will be possible to go on several rides around the area, and for those interested, a boat cruise on the Baťa River Canal will also be organized, combined with buffet and wine tasting. There will be live music at the campsite for one or two evenings.

Food (breakfast and dinner) will be included in the price of the stay. If you stay at the campsite during the day, you can visit the local restaurant with very good local and international cuisine at noon.

The area has several accommodation options, for the sake of simplicity we have divided into groups I. and II. according to the standard of accommodations (I. Apartments or II. Barrels), and then according to the date to A or B (A. weekend or B. week). If you stay for the whole event, the two options will be added up according to the specific days they spend here.


Accommodation in double or multi-bed apartments 24. – 26.5.2024 (50 EUR/1 200 CZK/night)               


Accommodation in four-bed barrels 24. – 26.5.2024 (40 EUR/1 000 CZK/night)


Accommodation in double or multi-bed apartments 27. – 31.5.2024 (60 EUR/1 500 CZK/night)


Accommodation in four-bed barrels 27. – 31.5.2024 (50 EUR/1 200 CZK/nigh)

Prices always take into account the specific type of accommodation and joint events that will take place. The lower price on the weekend is due to the smaller scope of the program, namely live music and the airport will only be at the main meeting, and therefore the price is 10 EUR higher.

I. and II. as well as A and B can be freely combined – but we would be happy if you always book the whole date – i.e. A (24. – 26.5.) or B (27. – 31.5), or A+B (24. – 31.5.), because we have booked and paid for the entire capacity of the campsite from 24. until 31.5.2024.

Thank you for supporting us in this! 

Available capacities with already confirmed reservations are shown in the following SHARED TABLE.  

Apartments are studios with multiple rooms that have separate facilities, i.e. bathroom, toilet, TV and refrigerator. These are Guesthouse rooms, Wine huts, Fishermen’s huts and a Farm Barn.

Barrels…Take a look at the photo. They are new luxury cottages, but of course there is the space limited to sleeping only. Even so, we expect that you will book them for four people. They all have a shared washroom, toilet and kitchen with seating as well.

A photo gallery of the accommodation options can be found on the camp’s website HERE.

With such a complex structure of rooms and dates, it is problematic to set up the online order form as we originally wanted, so we will end up recording and editing everything manually. For this reason, we would like you to follow the procedure below.


1. You go out for a drink or coffee with your friends.

2. You will make a firm arrangement on the way to XJR Eurofest and form groups according to the capacity of the rooms.

3. Choose a specific room or rooms and dates according to the SHARED TABLE.

4. Write an e-mail to the address of the xjreurofest2024@gmail.com, stating your name, desired room number and the date of stay.

5. Subsequently, we will verify and book the required capacity and send you a confirmation with the price of the stay and payment instructions (IBAN, BIC, Variable symbol, Beneficiary name, street, city and state). If it happens that the desired room is already occupied, we will book the same room in another house or a similar room and send you a confirmation (voucher) with the room number and price. Priority will be given to the order that arrives first.

6. If you don’t like this solution, write us an email at xjreurofest2024@gmail.com and we will try to find another solution (I hope there will not be many of these cases).

7. After receiving the confirmation email, turn on Internet banking and send at least 50% of the required amount to our account as a deposit. We will not be angry if you send the full amount, on the contrary, it will simplify our work. This is a standard for the Czech group, we want to give our guests more options.

8. In your free time before departure, you can check your reservation at any time in a SHARED TABLE, to which we will continuously add information about the occupancy of individual rooms.

We have a big request for couples.  If at all possible, book accommodation as 2 couples (Wine huts, Fishermen’s huts and Barrels). It is simply not possible to turn all apartments into double beds – we would not fit in the camp. We accept exceptions (I primarily recommend “Fisherman’s hut”, where it saves sofa beds), but we ask for your helpfulness. After all, we are hard and cruel bikers, not families on vacation in luxury cars ))

For all types of accommodation, it will be allowed to park motorbikes directly at the cottage.

Please prepare all additional payments for your stay on the first day of your stay, to be paid in cash upon arrival and check-in at the reception. In case of cancellation of the stay, we will copy the cancellation conditions of the campsite. In the event of early termination or interruption of the stay without fault on the part of the camp operator or the organizer of the meeting, the campsite operator or the organizer of the meeting is not obliged to refund the paid price of the stay, nor its proportional part.  It will be possible to pay for your stay on the spot, but in this case we cannot guarantee free accommodation capacity, you can only ensure it by paying a deposit in advance.

Sleeping in a tent is also possible, the price in this case will be individually determined according to the size of the tent and the number of people.

For an additional fee we offer the possibility to purchase a XV. XJREUROFEST CZECH REPUBLIC 2024 T-shirt made of functional Coolmax material. The price, including the patch, is 35 Euro and orders should be sent to xjreurofest2024@gmail.com no later than 12th April 2024.

So much for the basics. We will gradually clarify everything that has been said here. All you have to do is look at our WEBSITE or FACEBOOK from time to time.

Friends, polish your motorcycles, complete conversions, train your physical condition for meeting competitions, stay hydrated and look forward to it – you have something to do again!

We are looking forward to your participation ))

Bezďa & Mrožík


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